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Dave Simon's Music Enterprises

Grow Your Music School

Back when I opened Dave Simon’s Rock School in St. Louis in 2003, day-in and day-out, I saw parents with their younger children passing idle time in our lobby while their teen and pre-teen kids were taking their music lessons. I spoke with many of these parents and they told me they’d love to get their younger kids into music but there just weren’t good options for them. The younger children were too old for parent-child classes and too young for private lessons.


Engage a New Age Group

I knew they were right as many kids younger than six just aren’t quite ready for lessons. Nor are their parents. The children haven’t matured to the point where they would put the work in to make music lessons successful. Parents weren’t quite ready to invest in buying instruments. So, I proceeded to develop music programs specifically designed for younger children. I knew kids age four and up would have a better chance of succeeding in a group environment rather than private lessons. I knew this age group would respond well to play-based learning. And I knew they’d need customized instruments that would be more manageable for them.


Stand Out From Your Competition

The end result was the development of two new programs I launched in my music school in 2011-Kidzrock and Jr. Rockerz. Both programs foster children’s’ love of music using proprietary teaching methods, materials and instruments. With the incredible demand I had for these programs in my school, I began making these programs available for licensing to other music studios around the country. Dozens of music studios have incorporated these turnkey programs into their offerings and see them as a great way of bringing more students into their schools at a much younger age. More students. Starting younger. Staying longer. Building their love of music…and your business.