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Julie Sandler - Parent

I don’t have to ask them to practice. They often do it right when they wake up.

It (Kidzrock) is a great way to cultivate a love of music.

Janet Kuester - The Music Connection (Chicago, IL)

From my experience, I think the young children, small group format is ideal. They get to have the socialization experiences that their parents really want them to have and feel they are part of a little group that wants to make music as much as they want to make music.

Marissa Rosen - Parent

He played on that 3-string guitar and played in a concert. It was magical to watch…He learned how the instruments work together and how to play a song. From there it has taken off…There is not anything else like this.

Brian Vaccaro - Mozingo Music (St. Louis, MO)

Adding Kidzrock, we’re seeing 20-25 kids per eight-week session.

So every eight weeks, we’re seeing an insert of kids we wouldn’t have seen without the Kidzrock program.

Eunice Gatesh - Parent

They were learning a beat, how the instruments work. They were learning how the band works together through Kidzrock. They developed an interest in particular instruments. But by the time they moved up to Jr. Rockerz they knew what instrument they wanted to focus on.

Danny Thompson - Music Factory (Orange County, CA)

The key to the program is sticking word for word to the curriculum the way it’s laid out.

It’s a nice addition to your regular lesson business at a really nice margin.