How Low Can You Go?

Bass Lessons in Lincoln, NE

What does Flea, Geddy Lee, Lemmy, and Duff all have in common (aside from unusual names)? They all keep the song alive by playing the bass.

A lot of guitar players give bass players a hard time. (If we had a dollar for every joke we heard…) Corny jokes aside, the bass guitar is foundational in modern music. It’s a great instrument that few have the ability to master it. But for those that are up to the challenge, it has no rival.

My nephew takes guitar lessons here and when I asked him how it was going he said "great, but I wish I could go more often". How often does a 9 year old want to take lessons more often? He says his teacher explains things to him so he "gets it" - you can't get higher praise than that!

Susan Pulec


The ideal student is anyone who can sit and listen, receive coaching and instruction, and is teachable is the ideal student. We don’t look at age or ability. If you have a passion, we want to fan that flame and get you where you want to be on the bass guitar.


Let’s face it. We could sit here and tell you how awesome we are. But hearing someone talk about themselves gets kind of old. Instead, we let our students tell you how we are different. You can read some of their reviews HERE or watch a video of them HERE.


30 Minute Lesson Package $130.00 per month


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As an adult student learning a new instrument, I really appreciated how well Tim customized my lessons to fit my individual goals and schedule. I would highly recommend Lincoln School of Music.

Jill Primak

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